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Our bureau undertook the construction project of a significant number of buildings in a variety of locations, i.e. in Athens,Patras, Pyrgos, Messolongi, Agrinion etc. accumulating thus a wealth of experience, specifically regarding the study of soilmechanic conditions as well as the seismic response of these structures.



  • Hydra Holidays, a 1st class Hotel Complex of 500 beds, at "Plepi"shore in Ermionis (Architect D.Andronakakis).
  • A 2nd class Hotel on the National Road(Patras-Athens).
  • A 1st class, 10 story hotel of 195 beds, with a 2 story parking garage (of a 180-car capacity), located at 14-16 Othonos Amalias st., in the city of Patras, dealing with specific problems pertaining to its foundations (Proprietor: G. Giannatou).
  • A 2nd class Hotel, located in Methoni.



The Turisti Resort:(Hydra Beach Village) and (Garden Beach) locaited in Ermionis.



  • Plastics factory:(A.Liakopoulos & Partners), Athens
  • Factory: (Patras Marbles S.A.), Patras.
  • Factory: (Douros S.A.), Patras.
  • Factory: (xyloecodomiki S.A.), Patras
  • Factory: Wire manufacture (SYRKA HELLAS Ltd) Industrial Zone of Patras
  • Factory: (CHION), Patras
  • Factory: (ARCANGO), Argos
  • Warehouse for paper products of the company G. Dionysopoulos & Sons)located at the district road artery Peania-Marcopoulou

In co-operation with the research and Development Bureau of Gerasimos Kritikos:

  • Factory complex for (Biofarm S.A),Aspropyrgos, Attica (Prestressed structures consisting of frameworks with three apertures of total length of 3x22,00=66.00 M2 and frameworks of one apertureof 26.00 M).
  • Building complex (JOHNSON S.A.),Aspropyrgos, Attica (Prestressed structures consisting of frameworks with two apertures of total dimensions 2 x 25,00 = 50,00 M)
  • The cigarette Factory for (H.D.Georgiadis)Co. (Prestressed structures consisting of a framework of one aperture of 22,00 M).
  • Multilevel warehouse (H.D.Geordiadis) located in Likovrisi, Attica (Prestressed structures consisting of frameworks with two apertures 2 x 15,00 = 30,00 M).



  • An office building for (Senker S.A.), Athens.
  • An Office building for (Dynamic S.A.), Athens.
  • The exibition Centre for (Mimoza) Co., Patras.
  • An Exhibition Centre and Office building for (Peter Kaspiris) Co., Patras.
  • The project for the construction of additional levels to the Departments of the port Authority of Patras.
  • The Trade centre (AITRHIO), 419 Messogion Ave Ag.Paraskevi, Athens.
  • An Office building at Agios Andreas St., Patras
  • A Trade centre, at Agiou Ioannou St., Ag.Paraskevi.



The Sports Hall for A.C.(APOLLON) of Patras with a capacity of 4,500 seats.



  • Extension of the Teachers'Training College in the city of Larisa.
  • In conjunction with the civil engineering bureau of D.Senegalia koumoulou, the project for the strengthening and the extension of an additional level to buildings I,III,IV of the Technological Educational Institute of Patras.
  • Public Primary Education Schools.
    a.The 25th Public School Ovrias of Patras.
    b.The 55th Public School of Patras.
    c.The 6th Public School of Aigio.
    d.The Public School of Kalavrita.
  • Projects on the Technological Eduucational Institute in Patras concerning certain building for the following Departments and Schools:
    a.The Computer Department
    b.School of health and Social Welfare Professions
    c.School of Technological Applications
    d.Centre of Solar Power Applications
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Patras.
  • Preclinic building complex and Medical Laboratories for the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Patras.
  • An Amphitheatre and Lecture Halls at the Univercity of Patras.
  • The Amphitheatre of the Technological Educational Institute of Patras.
  • The constuction of the main building for the Department of Geology at the Univercity of Patras.



The Accommodation Hall of the Christian Orthodox Center of Patras



The Facilities of the Airport of Mykonos island



  • Biological treatment centre of the University of Patras.
  • Biological treatment centre of the city of Korinthos.
  • Biological treatment centre of the COCA COLA Company.
  • Biological treatment centre of the Hotel complex "Hydra Holidays", at Ermioni.



  • St. Dionisios church, Patras.
  • St. Apostle church, Petroto, Achaia.
  • A church in Andravida, Ilia.
  • The Holy Church consecrated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Drepano, Patras (specialised project regarding the construction of an independent steeple with a height of 30 M).
  • The Holy Metropolitan Church of St. Vlasios, in Xylokastro (restoration, strengthening).
  • The Church of St. Andrew of Eglykada - Patras (restoration, strengthening).
  • The Holy Church consecrated to Virgin "Evangelistria" - Metropolis of Patras (restoration, strengthening).



  • The Health Center of Amphilochia.
  • A two story wing addition to the "Preventorio" Children Hospital of Patras.
  • The Centre of Mental Health in Patras.
  • A building complex consisting of a school, board and other services of the National Institute for the Deaf and Mute in Patras.
  • The General Hospital in Chios island (restoration, strengthening and reconstruction of the interior of the old building made of reinforced concrete).



  • A Bridge crossing the Meganitis torrent, at Eftapita location.
  • A Bridge crossing the Meganitis torrent, at Zavato location.
  • A Bridge, New National Road, (Trikala - Arta).
  • The Tunnel project for Diakoniaris river, of 750 m in length, also serving as a main road artery.

In conjunction with the research and development civil engineering bureau of Dimitrios Bairaktaris:

  • The Bridge of Cthamamitida on the National Road Kozani - Florina with an opening of 40 m.
  • Modification of the bridge at the junction of Lenorman and Konstantinopoleos Streets in Patras.



  • Quarry Facilities of "DYNAMIC S.A." in Araxos.
  • The production facilities of reinforced concrete mix and silos for storing inert materials for the company "DYNAMIC S.A." in Patras.



A System Operational Analysis on preconstructions in conjuction withS. Tsoukanda's civil engineering bureau for the firm "E.B.E.N.O.S. Ltd.".



  • Renovation and strengthening of the Stadium, Kato Achaia.
  • Renovation, strengthening and additions to the structural system of the Eastern Reception of the Port of Patras (Duty Free Centre).
  • Renovation and strengthening of the A' Junior High School of Patras
  • Renovation, reinforcement and the addition of two more levels, at the Square of Nea Smirni in Athens.
  • Renovation, strengthening and addition of three more levels to an existing three story apartment building (plan view (900 m2) constructed in 1935); the project didn't provide a scheduled forecast plan; located at 61, Agiou Andreou St. (lodge of Maragopoulos), in Patras.
  • Renovation and an addition to the Trade and Industrial Chamber of Commerce in Patras, located at Riga Phereou St.
  • Restoration and strengthening of a six story building with a lack of bearing capacity 0,20 due to damages incurred from the earthquake in Kalamata in September 1986; proprietor Peter Exintavelonis.
  • Restoration and strengthening of a two story structure with a structural system of mason craft; proprietor Katherine Vlachodimitropoulou; located at 34 Vassilisis Olgas St., Kalamata (Damages incurred : Degree 2).
  • Restoration and strengthening of a 4 story building; Proprietor Koutiva Stilianou, located at 66 Papatsoni St. Kalamata (Damages incurred: Degree 2).
  • Restoration and strengthening one ground floor building with basement. Proprietor: Kounna Panagiotis; located at 42 Avras St., Kalamata (Damages incurred: Degree 2).
  • Renovation and strengthening of various buildings. Proprietor: Christopoulou at the main beach of the city of Kalamata (Damages incurred : Degree 2)
  • Strengthening and an addition to a 3 story building for the company "DOUROS S.A.", located at 80 Maragopoulou St., Patras.
  • Strengthening of bridges with a capacity of bearing 5 times more loads than their initial bearing capacity.
  • Restoration and strengthening of the Metropolitan Church of Agios Vlasios at Xylokastro.
  • Seismic strengthening of the seismic shelters-cores of the new hospital in Aigion.
  • Renovation and strengthening of the preserved as a traditional quality building of "PHITSALOU KLIDONA" by the Municipality of Kalamata, for the use of the local "Orpheas" Association.
  • Various interventions for the restoration of the seismic joints for the Student Accommodation Hall of the Universtity of Patras.
  • Renovation, strengthening and interior reconstruction, made of reinforced concrete, of the old building of the Hospital in Chios island.
  • Renovation and strengthening of the 5 story structure with basement and terrace, property of Dimopoulos Elias, 203 Faron St., Kalamata.
  • Renovation and strengthening of the Holy Metropolitan Church of Patras (Holy Church of "Evangelistria").
  • Renovation and strengthening of the Holy Church of St. Andrew, at Eglikada, Patras.
  • Renovation and strengthening of the structural system of a building complex, at 5 Mando Mavrogenous St., Zographou (15 base columns).
  • Renovation and strengthening of the structural system of the building of the Hospital for Chest Diseases, called as "Mega Laikon" (or "Sotiria").
  • Renovation and strengthening of the Management building of "SIKEA".
  • Renovation and strengthening of the "General Confederation of Greek Workers" at Kalithea in Athens.
  • Renovation of the School of Chemistry, in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Renovation-restoration and strengthening of the building of the Municipality of Patras ( Project Plan and Supervision work).
  • Renovation -restoration and strengthening of the Court of Patras (Planning).



  • At Georgiou Olimpiou St., Patras (Proprietor: P. Kaspiris).
  • At Kephalinias & Thermopilon St., Patras (Proprietor: Tsoulou Sons).
  • At V. Konstantinou St., Aigion (Proprietor: Tsoulou Sons).
  • At the junction of the streets Iroon Politechniou - Pente Pigadion - Heras, in Patras, two building complexes, (Proprietors: G. Ladopoulos, K. Nikolakopoulos).
  • An 8 story structure, at Ypsilon Alonion square, Patras (Proprietor: G. Ladopoulou).
  • At the junction of Lemesou & Leukosias St., Patras (Propriator: P.Kaspiri).
  • At Ellinos Stratioutou St., a 10 story and an 8 - story buildings, Patras (Proprietor: P. Kaspiri).
  • A 9 story building, at Korinthou St., Patras (Propriator: P. Koumoulos - D. Koumoulou).
  • At 38 Cyprou St., Patras (Proprietor: H. Stagopoulos).
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