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Number of Levels unlimited unlimited unlimited
Maximum number of Members 1000 1000 1000
Insert/Modify concrete and steel materials, of reinforced concrete members  
Insert/Modify Covers, factors etc.  
Insert/Modify drawing parameters
Basic Shape Members 19 19 7
(Rectangular, Γ-shaped, T-shaped, Π-shaped, Π-closed symmetrical shaped, Circular) 

*Random Shape Members (User defined Shape)

Number of Bar Shapes 23 23 23
**Number of Stirrup Types 36 36 36
Geometric Properties of Members
***"Innactive Member" Function  

Ability to Exclude Reinforcement from Bills of Quantities

Grouping of Similar Stirrups in Drawings and Reinforcement Tables
Total Elevation Drawing
3D rendering of Members
Ability to Create Library Files Ability to create libraries that can't be further processed is included in this version of the software

Attached Library File with 325 Fully Editable Members

Ability to Create Plain/Stirrup Reinforcement Meshes
Ability to Create Plain/Stirrup Reinforcement Meshes
Attached File Containing 107 Plain/Stirrup Reinforcement Meshes of Greek Steel Manufacturers
****13 Options of Automatic Reinforcement Table Creation and Printing Printed Bearing an Oplismos Insignia
****6 Options of Automatic Cutting Length Table Creation and Printing Printed Bearing an Oplismos Insignia  
Bills of Quantities Printed Bearing an Oplismos Insignia
Print Drawings Printed Bearing an Oplismos Insignia

Ability to Calculate and Show Bar and Stirrup length in Detail Drawings and Tables

Outline Bending Dimensions (Ltot1), Ltot1
Outline Bending Dimensions (Ltot1), Lcut (Actual Length)  
Axial Bending Dimensions ( Ltot2), Ltot2
Axial Bending Dimensions ( Ltot2), Lcut (Actual Length)  

Special Functions

Renumbering of Stirrup and Bar Reinforcement Types
Numbering Lock
Check of Proper member placement in the Current Project
Copy Members
Copy an Entire Level or part of its members to other levels
Copy Members to other Oplismos Files
Ability to Merge two or more (Oplismos) files together

Interoperability with StereoSTATIKA (pi-SYSTEMS International S.A. – Apostolos Konstantinidis) through XML standards
*Depends on the version of

Export to AutoCAD
Export Member Drawings  
Export Total Elevation Section  
Export 3D  


* Of a Member of a Random Shape (User Defined Shape) with two ways:

1. By Inserting Coordinates in Oplismos

2. By Importing a Member designed with AutoCAD

An Essential Software quality when you need to work on non-typical projects such as Prestressed Beams, Bridges, Retaining Walls, Staicases, Box-Shaped Members etc.


** 36 Types of Stirrups with the ability to produce an infinite number of shapes


***"Innactive Member" Function
In order to design Technical Projects (Bridges, Retainning Walls, Staircases, Long-Span Beams etc.) one is required to perform multiple Sections, as well as Magnifications of selected.

With the "Innactive Member" Selection you can exclude all bars and stirrups from bills of quantities, reinforcement and cutting length tables. However, bars as well as the stirrup detail drawings, remain in the member's detail drawings and elevation section.


**** e.g. Longitudinal per Structural Member Per Level, Plain/Stirrup Reinforcement Meshes Per Structural Member Per Level, Bar Cutting Length Table of a Level, Stirrup Cutting Length Table of a Level etc.

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